Andy Warhol and Johannes Paulus II Photo: Lionello Fabbri/Science Source images

Six to Eight

A series of conversations in connection with ”Warhol 1968”

5.10 2018 – 23.11 2018


Do Andy Warhol’s images reflect the American dream or its troubled underbelly? How are the aesthetic movements in 1968 connected to other social movements? How could Warhol consolidate being a practising Catholic with his decadent partying? This series discusses philosophy, aesthetics and religion in relation to politics in 1968 and Warhol.

Friday 5 October at 18–20: Warhol and the American Dream

Andy Warhol’s imagery has been said to affirm expressions of popular culture. His art is also a sophisticated dismantling of the distinctions between high and low, true and false, surface and depth. In recent years, political and psychoanalytical perspectives have been added, and his images interpreted as a scrutiny of the American Dream’s dark underbelly of trauma, violence and death.

Welcome to a conversation between John Peter Nilsson, Curator ”Warhol 1968”, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Professor in Philosophy at Södertörn University and Katarina Wadstein Macleod, Associate Professor of Art History at Södertörn University. Moderator: Daniel Birnbaum, Director, Moderna Museet.

Friday 19 October at 18–20: Warhol and the 1968 movements

1968 – a year of movements in words, performance, film and dance, but also of protests, feminism and activism. How were they linked? What was awakened, what was the aftermath, what died, and how are we affected to this day?

Welcome to a conversation between Cecilia Sjöholm, Professor of Aesthetics, Södertörn University, Jesper Olsson, Associate Professor, Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University and Josefine Wikström, Assistant Professor of Dance Theory, Stockholm University of the Arts. Moderator: Lena Essling, Curator, Moderna Museet

Friday 23 November at 18–20: Warhol and religion

Andy Warhol was at the hub of The Factory’s hedonism, but he was also a practising Catholic who attended church regularly. His works have also been interpreted as a comment on how consumerism was usurping the role of religion in society. How did Warhol relate to his faith at a time when God was not in favour?

Welcome to a talk between Jonas Gardell, Henrik Berggren, Ylva Hillström and John Peter Nilsson. Jonas Gardell recently published his novel ”Till minne av en villkorslös kärlek” (In Memory of an Unconditional Love). He is an artist, performer and honorary doctor at the Theological Faculty at Lund University. Henrik Berggren is a journalist, author and historian, currently acknowledged for his book ”68”. Ylva Hillström is a curator of education at Moderna Museet. The talk will be moderated by John Peter Nilsson, curator of the exhibition.

Contact: Karin Malmquist, Curator Learning