Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Award winners & translators

Two prestigious prizes will be presented at Stockholm Literature: Translation of the Year 2016, and the PO Enquist Literary Prize 2017. Read more about the winners and the participating translators here.

PO Enquist Literary Prize awarded to Johannes Anyuru

This year’s prestigious PO Enquist Literary Prize will be presented at Stockholm Literature. The Prize to a young writer embarking on a European career is awarded to Johannes Anyuru. Founded in 2004 to commemorate PO Enquist’s 70th birthday, the list of previous winners includes many of the most interesting oeuvres in Europe today.

The Translation of the Year Prize awarded to Kajsa Öberg Lindsten

The Translation of the Year Prize was founded in 2010 and is awarded by the translators’ section of the Swedish Writers’ Union. The purpose of the Prize is to acknowledge the art of translating and to reward translations that commendably combine boldness with precision, and brilliance with accuracy. This year’s prize is awarded to Kajsa Öberg Lindsten and for the fourth consecutive year, the Prize is presented in connection with the opening of Stockholm Literature.

Johannes Anyuru
Johannes Anyuru, photo: Khim Efraimsson.
Kajsa Öberg Lindsten
Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, photo: Joel Nordqvist

Participating translators 2017

Elin Svahn
Elin Svahn, photo: Louise Lo
Helena Hansson
Helena Hansson, photo: Saga Hansson
Nils Håkanson
Nils Håkanson, photo: Jan Åke Eriksson

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