Arbus, Model, Strömholm

1.10 2005 – 15.1 2006


Three photographers, three oeuvres, three lives

The camera was the tool they used to explore a modern world, focusing on different kinds of outsidership and sub-cultures. Diane Arbus and Lisette Model developed their respective styles of portraiture in postwar USA, while Swedish Christer Strömholm is known primarily for his portrayal of transsexuals in Paris. Common to all three photographers is their tactful and sensitive relationship to their subjects, far from the spectacular or speculative.

Curator: Anna Tellgren

Diane Arbus used the camera in her encounters with people, creating a profoundly personal style of portrait.

Lisette Model forms a natural link to the rich European photographic tradition that developed in the period between the wars.

Christer Strömholm is one of the major celebrities of Swedish photography. He was born in Stockholm and discoverd photography via graphic art in the late-1940s.

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