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Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, New York Herald Tribune, 1963 From the series ”Kilroy”, 1963 © Carl Fredrik Ruterswärd / Bildupphovsrätt 2018

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Alias: CFR

14.9 2019 – 16.2 2020


Opens in 116 days

Playful and multifaceted, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s career spanned nearly seven decades, several pseudonyms, and most artistic techniques. The exhibition focuses in part on the intricate installation and group of objects, ”Kilroy”, and in part on a series of monumental, expressive drawings the artist made after suffering a stroke in 1989 which forced him to switch from working with his right hand to his left.

”Kilroy” (1963–1972) began in January 1963, when Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd (1934–2016) published the following notice in the New York Herald Tribune: “CARL FREDRIK REUTERSWÄRD Closed for holidays 1963–1972.” He intended to use this vacation to create nine interrelated objects under the collective title of ”Kilroy”. It is a poetic and simultaneously ambiguous and esoteric group of works, and in the exhibition ”Alias: CFR” you meet objects, as well as lasers and sketches related to the work.

In 1989 Reuterswärd suffering a stroke that forced him to switch from working with his right hand to his left. He described the time after his stroke as in part a kind of liberation. He began drawing with his left hand, and the lines and subjects seem to suggest a searching both back and forward in time—to before and after the stroke. The monumental oil pastel drawings of the late 1990s feature scenes of, among others, mythological figures and acrobatic displays. They are mysterious and dreamlike, and although the expression here appear different from that of the earlier conceptual exercises, the two are also linked by the artist’s continual exploration of new styles and approaches.

Curator: Andreas Nilsson


14 September–11 October 2019

Admission: 100 kr
Reduced admission: 70 kr (for seniors and students)

From 12 October 2019

Including the exhibitions Mud Muses and Atsuko Tanaka

Admission: 150 kr
Reduced admission: 120 kr (for seniors and students)

The exhibition is on the 2nd floor

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