Prebooked ticket required for temporary exhibitions. This is one of the measures we have taken to prevent the risk of spreading corona virus. Please read through these measures before your visit

Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

Book a guided tour

We are currently not taking bookings for groups or groups that want to visit us on their own. Meanwhile, before groups can visit the Museum on Skeppsholmen again, here are some tips on how to find art on our digital channels. Adult groups can book a digital presentation, in the form of a lecture, on the exhibition Giacometti and on our YouTube channel you can listen to interviews with artists, watch performances and artist talks, and lots more.

All group tours in the museum are cancelled and cannot be booked.


Guided tours adults

In Swedish

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
1–15 people: 1750 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
1–15 people: 2250 SEK

  • Admission to exhibitions with admission fee will be added. Free admission to the Moderna Museet collection.
  • Additional fee of 500 SEK for guided tour in English, Spanish, French or Finnish.

Baby tour

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
Baby tour (1 hour): 1 250 SEK
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 500 SEK

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 890 SEK

Up to 10 adults and 10 babies/group.

Price Guided Tours Schools

Guided tour & workshop, all ages

Weekdays (at 9–11.30, 10.30–13, 13–15.30)
1 750 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
2 075 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Guided tour, all ages

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
1 000 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
1 875 SEK
15 children/group
1 hour

Contact Booking

+46 8 5202 3501 (Tue–Fri 10–12)
Please contact the booking via e-mail:

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