Eva Löfdahl, Utan titel, 1989 © Eva Löfdahl

On Eva Löfdahl’s art

The conversation about the art of Eva Löfdahl has its starting point in the installation and will deal with dimensions such as time and space and what site specific art could be.

Date: Saturday, 26 March, 2011,
Time: 2 pm
Place: In the exhibition, included in admission fee

The exhibition The Whirling Box or from Foot to Toe is a retrospective, and yet exceedingly contemporary – it includes works from three decades, all inserted in a carefully composed structure made specifically for the space.


Jo Applin, art historian, lecturer at the University of York, currently writing a book on American 1960s sculpture.

Catharina Gabrielsson, architect and researcher, presented her PhD thesis in 2006, Att göra skillnad. Det offentliga rummet som medium för konst, arkitektur och politiska föreställningar (Making a Difference. Public space as a medium for art, architecture and political performance).

Caiomhin Mac Giolla Léith, critic and curator, lecturer at the University College Dublin.

And the artist Eva Löfdahl.

Moderator: Ann-Sofi Noring, curator for the exhibition Eva Löfdahl/The Whirling Box or from Foot to Toe.

The discussion will be in English.

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