Cara Tolmie, Cancamon (video still), 2016/2018 Performance and video. 20:00 min. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Gethin Wyn Jones

Film programme in the Cinema

Every Saturday and Sunday, a curated programme of video works will be shown in the exhibition. Artists featured in the programme are Cara Tolmie, Sophie Vuković, Tor-Finn Malum Fitje and Thomas Anthony Hill.

At 12.00–ca 13.10 ”Hyphenic” (2018) 68 min by Tor-Finn Malum Fitje and Thomas Anthony Hill

”Hyphenic” is a research project at the intersection between linguistics and biology, mapping the occurrence of language in common household mould. Within biosemiotics, the exchange of signs is understood as an inherent attribute of all living organisms.

At 13.45–ca 14.10 ”Cancamon” (2018) 23 min by Cara Tolmie

”Cancamon” is a performance and video work where the artist uses taut movements and vocality to feel through the word balm and how it might relate to the female singing The video was shot in places around Stockholm where the singer Jeanne Lee once performed – The Golden Circle, part of ABF (Workers Eductional Association and Borgarskolan, now the Sollévi house.

At 14.15–15.30 ”Shapeshifters” (2017) 100 min by Sophie Vuković

”Shapeshifters” is an essay film about migration and the longing for a sense of belonging beyond national borders. The filmmaker and artist Sophie Vuković was born in former Yugoslavia to Croatian parents. She grew up in Australia and China, before moving to Sweden with her parents when she was ten. ”Shapeshifters” chronicles her personal journey, a seemingly endless voyage.

At 15.35–17.15 ”Aleph Null & The Missing Mass” (2017) 100 min by Tor-Finn Malum Fitje

In the essay film ”Aleph Null & The Missing Mass” the artist takes us on winding journey through the history of darkness in the Western cultural sphere. The very first lines of the Bible establish that God created light out of darkness, and that the light was good.

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