Cary S. Leibowitz aka Candyass, Fair/Unfair, 1993 © Candyass

Moment – Ynglingagatan 1

25.11 2011 – 22.1 2012


Ynglingagatan 1 was an alternative art space. The gallery was founded in the autumn of 1993 in premises which were only 16 m2. Their motivation was that at that time no-one was showing new international contemporary art in Sweden. The aim was to create a meeting place and an atmosphere in which dialogue and discussion were possible for international and Swedish artists.

The gallery was an immediate success and within one year of opening it moved to a larger two-room space at Gävlegatan 12 and increased its membership. In the spring of 1997 the gallery moved once again to a location in central Stockholm at Döbelnsgatan 2.

Ynglingagatan 1 was a registered non-profit organisation. It was administered, programmed and maintained by the members: Dennis Dahlqvist, Bertil Bäckström, Karen Diamond, Thomas Ekström, Nils Forsberg, Sara Kristoffersson, Pia Kristoffersson, Gunilla Muhr, Emelie Persson, Fredrik Schollin, Elina Smidlund, Fredrik Swärd and members were: Johanna Billing, Markus Degerman, Ingrid Eriksson, Peter Geschwind, Carina Gunnars, Erla S. Haraldsdóttir, Karin Johnson, Anna Kindgren, Gunilla Klingberg, Bo Melin, Bella Rune and Christine Ödlund.”

Participating artists

Anders Edström (Sweden)
Ann-Sofie Back (Sweden)
Anna Kindgren (Sweden)
Bella Rune (Sweden)
Bill Wurtz (USA)
Bjarne Melgaard (Norway)
Bo Melin (Sweden)
Carina Gunnars (Sweden)
Carsten Höller (Germany)
Cary S. Leibowitz (USA)
Charlotte Enström (Sweden)
Chris Burden (USA)

Christine Ödlund (Sweden)
D. Gonzalez-Foerster (France)
Edward Ruscha (USA)
Elin Wikström (Sweden)
Erla S. Haraldsdóttir (Iceland/Sweden)
Glenn Sorensen (Australia)
Gunilla Klingberg (Sweden)

Hardy Strid (Sweden)
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen (Denmark)
Ingrid Eriksson (Sweden)

Jane & Louise Wilson (United Kingdom)
Jeffrey Vallance (USA)

Jeremy Deller (United Kingdom)
Jessica Diamond (USA)
Jim Isermann (USA)
Joachim Koester (Denmark)

Johan Zetterquist (Sweden)
Johanna Billing (Sweden)
Karen Kilimnik (USA)
Karin Johnson (Sweden)
Karl Holmqvist (Sweden)
Katarina Andersson (Sweden)
Larry Clark (USA)
Lauren Szold (USA)
Lily van der Stokker (Netherlands)
M/M / atelier graphique (France)
Maria Lindberg (Sweden)
Markus Degerman (Sweden)
Matts Leiderstam (Sweden)
Ola Åstrand (Swe)
Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley (USA)
Peter Geschwind (Sweden)
Peter Land (Denmark)
Peter Saul (USA)
Peter Wahlbeck (Sweden)
Philippe Parreno (France)
Pierre Huyghe (France)
Raymond Pettibon (USA)
Richard Hawkins (USA)
Sister Corita (USA)
Sture Johanneson (Sweden)
Swetlana Heger & Plamen Dejanov
Takashi Murakami (Japan)
Tom Friedman (USA)
Tom Marioni (USA)
Ulla Wiggen (Sweden)
Vincent Fecteau (USA)

Curator: Thomas Ekström


Gunilla Klingberg
Seven Eleven Twist. Installationsbild från Galleri Ynglingagatan 1, 1997
© Gunilla Klingberg
Jim Isermann
Cubewave. Installationsbild från Galleri Ynglingagatan 1, 1997
© Jim Isermann
M/M Paris
Teateraffischer. Installationsbild från Galleri Ynglingagatan 1, 1999
© M/M Paris
Takashi Murakami
Mr Dob. Installationsbild från Galleri Ynglingagatan 1, 1995
© Takashi Murakami