Four people creating together in workshop

Family Workshop, Moderna Museet Malmö, 2022 Photo: Miriam Preis/Moderna Museet

Sports Holiday Workshop – Floating objects

Create together!

21.2 2023 – 26.2 2023


Come to us on the sports holiday! Our creative workshop is prepared with materials inspired by the newly opened exhibition “Lars Englund – Under Construction”.

Lars Englund uses materials and techniques taken from the world of industry, for example metal, plastic and rubber. In a playful manner, we explore his way of working with smaller parts that are put together to grow in different directions into larger forms. Maybe we call our sculptures floating objects or mobiles. Or why not “Pars pro toto” (Latin: a part for the whole) or “Relative” as Englund calls his works. 

Photo of hanging sculpture made of metalparts
Lars Englund, Pars pro toto, 1979 Photo: Prallan Allsten/Moderna Museet
photo hanging sculpture
Lars Englund, Relative, 1982 Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet Bildupphovsrätt 2022

The exhibition combines a monographic collection exhibition with works on loan from the artist. The focus of Englund’s work is revealed in titles that associate to fundamental science, such as “Volume”, “Sphere”, and “Pars Pro Toto” (part of a whole). His sculptures, which often hang from the ceiling, interact with one another and challenge the surrounding space. They establish a dialogue with the building’s industrial history as an electrical power plant, designed by John Smedberg and constructed in 1901, but also with its present form as a work of architecture adapted by Tham & Videgård to be a museum, with its distinctive perforated orange facade—a material to which Englund makes reference.

Lars Englund was born in 1933 in Stockholm, and he now lives in Jonstorp, Scania County.