Carsten Höller, Giant Triple Mushroom, 2012, © Carsten Höller, Foto: Prallan Allsten Bildupphovsrätt 2022 Bildupphovsrätt 2022

About Klubb Moderna

Klubb Moderna is an association aiming to support Moderna Museet and contribute to extending its collection. Members have free admission to all exhibitions at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Malmö. We also arrange previews and openings, club events, artist talks, visits to other art institutions and art-focused trips.

Short history

The association was founded five years before Moderna Museet moved into its location at Skeppsholmen in 1958. The aim was, and continues to be, to support the Museum’s expansion of its collection. The emphasis has been on contemporary artistries, among others Eva Hesse, Meret Oppenheim, Robert Rauschenberg, Gerard Richter and Miriam Bäckström. These works are vital to the museum’s collection and are recurring features of the collection exhibitions. More than 250 works of art have been donated to the museum.

Klubb Moderna

Since 2022 we operate under the name Klubb Moderna. We aim for a continuous growth in order to significantly support Moderna Museet financially as well as in terms of visitors.
The number of members has varied during the years, at most 11 000 members, usually around 5-6 000 members, enabling us to support the museum with donations of works of art for approximately SEK 1 million annually as well as attracting a large core audience to the museum.
Learn more about all the fantastic donations through Moderna Museets Vänner:
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Published 20 October 2015 · Updated 8 February 2024