Moderna Museet exterior

Moderna Museet in Stockholm Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Reporting complaints

Moderna Museet strives to maintain a good administrative culture and to prevent corruption and other malpractices. People who report complaints, commonly known as whistleblowers, play an important part in maintaining and promoting crucial values in democratic society, including openness and transparency.

Moderna Museet’s internal reporting channel is a secure system provided to Moderna Museet by an independent party, KPMG AB. KPMG’s whistleblower service is entirely independent of Moderna Museet’s intranet and external website and can receive reports 24/7.

Whistleblowers can choose to report anonymously or to register personal data. To make a report, you do not need to register an account, but further processing of the case and/or follow-up of the situation is facilitated by doing so. To ensure the anonymity of the reporting person, KPMG does not save IP addresses or other metadata. The system also protects the report and any data about the identity of the person(s) concerned in the report.

If the reporting person wishes to have a dialogue and/or check the status of their case, they are provided with a unique case number and password that enables them to log in and monitor their case on KPMG’s whistleblower service.

Published 30 August 2022 · Updated 7 September 2022