Protesters called for the ending of police brutality and the government to answer people's ”five demands” during one of the protests in August 2019, after a volunteer medic was shot in the eye by the police. Photo: Vivienne Chow

Hong Kong’s Artful Protests

Lecture with Vivienne Chow

29.10 2019


This public lecture will examine the protest art and creative outputs produced by artists and ordinary citizens, ranging from visual art, moving image and music. How are these works embedded in people’s collective actions during the movement through technology and creative solutions? Listen to a lecture by the award-winning journalist Vivienne Chow.

Hong Kong is experiencing the largest civil uprisings since the beginning of June. The ongoing protests sparked by one-issue protests demanding for the withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill have become a movement calling for full democracy promised in the city’s constitution.

Amid the escalation of violence from the police to suppress the people and protesters’ counters, the people of Hong Kong are utilising their creativity and imagination to mobilise themselves and sustain movement, making this an artful protests.

Vivienne Chow is an award-winning journalist and critic

Vivienne Chow is an award-winning journalist and critic specialising in arts, culture and cultural politics. She currently works as an independent writer and has written for ”BBC Culture”, ”Artnet”, ”The Art Newspaper”, ”Quartz” and ”The New York Times”. She is the recipient of the IJP Premium Fellowship Award 2018 presented by the Internationale Journalisten-Programme in Germany, the first Hong Kong-based journalist to receive the honour. Previously she was a staff reporter at the ”South China Morning Post” for a total of 15 years.

Cecilia Blomberg introduces the lecture. Blomberg is a producer and critic on Radio Sweden (Sveriges Radio) and a board member of AICA Sweden.

Contact: Karin Malmquist, curator