Wifredo Lam, Tropisk växtlighet, 1945–1948 © Wifredo Lam / Bildupphovsrätt 2019

Nature within us

A conversation about nature, man and art

17.12 2019


The radio broadcaster and writer Eric Schüldt, and Per Johansson, historian of ideas and human ecologist, talk about nature, man and art – and how they are interrelated. Join us to reflect on some of the most urgent issues of our time, in the company of fantastic art from the Moderna Museet collection. Welcome!

How are nature and mankind connected?

We often say that nature and mankind are connected. Many will agree with that concept, and yet, it does not penetrate sufficiently below the surface. For nature is within us, and we are nature – so, how can we violate ourselves in the way we do?

Join us for a philosophical moment in the collection, with Per Johansson and Eric Schüldt, creators of the podcasts “Myter & mysterier”, “Människan & maskinen” and “Kunskapens träd”. In their conversation, they take on life’s big questions with curiosity and knowledge.

Per Johansson is a historian of idea and was a senior lecturer in human ecology at Lund University. He is now a consultant, analyst, speaker and writer. Eric Schüldt is a radio broadcaster and writer. His radio programmes “Schüldt i P2”, “Livet & döden”, “Den andra världen”, the music series “Skönheten”, and “Nya vågen” have been widely acclaimed. In 2015, Dagens Nyheter gave him the Lagercrantzen critics award.

Contact: Ylva Hillström, curator