One person writes on a large paper, another person stands next to it and looks at the paper with a pen in his hand.

Moderna Museet’s Youth Council 2020. Photo: Jessica Eldenstjärna/Moderna Museet

Pop culture evening for young adults

With Moderna Museet's Youth Council

7.12 2021


Are you a young art lover? Then join us at Moderna Museet for an evening in the spirit of pop culture! Come as you are and meet others who are also curious about art, creativity and pop culture.

The Youth Council at Moderna Museet invites you to an event focusing on art and creativity. The theme is pop culture, and that will set the mood for the evening. We will offer a smorgasbord of inspiring materials to trigger your creative urges. There will also be popcorn, pop art and a philosophical pop quiz.

Come and meet other art lovers, see art and make your own art in a creative environment.

Andy Warhol in front of Brillo Boxes
Andy Warhol Photo: Lasse Olsson/Pressens bild