Installation view ”Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology”, Moderna Museet in Stockholm

Primer, Untitled, 2019 © Primer. Installation view ”Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology”, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, 2019. Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet.


A conversation on art, science, technology and industry

12.1 2020


Welcome to an event with the artist group Primer. In conversation with the audience, Primer alongside invited artists and arts organizations will outline some of the future strategies and scenarios for emerging fields across arts, science, technology and industry.

Conversation and panel

What are the significant mental, cultural and ecological dimensions to be explored ahead of the arrival of technologies in societies?

What is the importance of getting access to science in development, to technologies before they are systems or objects, and to, innovation processes in their flux?

The event takes place on the last day of the exhibition ”Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology”. It is organized by the artist group Primer as a part of their contribution to the exhibition. In discussion with artists and arts organizations invested in furthering the interaction between art and technology, the event seeks to extend the focus of the exhibition into possible future trajectories.

Read more about the exhibition: Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology

Participating artists and organizations

  • Amitai Romm. Artist, Diakron and Primer.
  • Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff. Researcher, Diakron and Primer.
  • Ben Vickers. CTO, Serpentine Galleries.
  • Bjarke Hvass Kure. Curator, Diakron and Primer.
  • David Hilmer Rex. Artist, Diakron and Primer.
  • Elvia Wilk. Editor and writer.
  • Jenna Sutela. Artist.
  • Julia Kagansky. Cultural Producer.
  • Kei Kreutler. Director of strategy, Gnosis.
  • Kenric McDowell. Developer Relations Program Manager, Google AI Strategy & Research.
  • Martti Kalliali. Strategist, Nemesis.
  • Mi You. Curator and researcher.
  • Nora Khan. Writer and curator.
  • Tobias Rees. Director Transformations of the Human Programme, Berggruen Institute.
  • Victoria Ivanova. Curator and PhD, Serpentine Galleries.