Portrait of Öyvind Fahlström

Portrait of Öyvind Fahlström. Photo: Lütfi Özkök

Kisses Sweeter than Wine

For the first time since it was first broadcast in January 1967, we are publishing a radio feature in which Öyvind Fahlström reports in the fashion of a sports commentator on his own performance, Kisses Sweeter than Wine.

The work Kisses Sweeter than Wine was part of the performance programme 9 evenings: Theatre & Engineering in New York in 1966. This material, which was believed to have been lost, has now been found and gives an invaluable insight into one of the most remarkable experimental performances of the 1960s.

The documentation of Kisses Sweeter than Wine that has been available so far was fragmentary and imperfect. This radio feature gives an entirely new insight into the work and is a great advance for any research on Fahlström. The artist’s commentary guides us through the entire performance, from when the audience enters and sits down to the final slide, showing a fragment of his work Dr Schweitzer’s Last Mission (1964-66), “The End”.

Over the next three years, a Moderna Museet project will focus on Öyvind Fahlström. We will study and present selected parts of his oeuvre in chapters. This will involve in-depth explorations of individual works, along with studies of groups of works or combinations of works. One of the main purposes of this project is to make new material available and generate new knowledge about Öyvind Fahlström’s oeuvre.

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