A self-portrait where the artist holds a cat while painting.

Lotte Laserstein, Selbstporträt mit Katze, 1928 © Lotte Laserstein Bildupphovsrätt 2023

Lotte Laserstein

A Divided Life

11.11 2023 – 14.4 2024


Opens in 162 days

The German-Swedish artist Lotte Laserstein (1898–1993) is one of the art world’s most exciting rediscoveries. We are presenting the largest exhibition of her work to date in Sweden and the Nordic region. It focuses equally on the multifaceted works she created in exile in Sweden and those she made before leaving Germany.

Lotte Laserstein, who is now considered one of the great realists of the twentieth century, came to Sweden in 1937 as an immigrant from Germany because of the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews. She did so at the height of her career as an artist of the Weimar Republic, where she achieved success by uniting traditional painting with contemporary motifs and themes, including the new self-confident woman.

In Sweden, Laserstein continued working for another five productive decades, during which time the process through which she found a foothold in her new homeland was apparent in her work. In expressive self-portraits, moving depictions of other immigrants, rural landscapes and urban scenes, her Swedish paintings raise questions about what it means to lose one’s own cultural and social context and adapt to a new one.