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Diane Arbus

In the course of her comparatively short career Diane Arbus created pictures in which human encounters resulted in a profoundly personal style of portraiture.

Arbus was born in New York and grew up in a Jewish family in Manhattan. During a few years in the 1950s, she and her husband Allan Arbus worked together with fashion and commercial photography and had assignments for Vogue and Glamour. Thanks to two grants, in 1963 and 1966, she was able to engage in her own projects and travelled around the USA several summers to photograph “american rites”. Many of her most well-known portraits of people in more or less unusual situations and settings are from this project. Arbus ended her life dramatically in 1971 by committing suicide. The following year, the Museum of Modern Art in New York had an exhibition featuring her work and she has since then become one of our most famous postwar photographers.

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