Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

Book a guided tour

Starting from 29 September, we welcome pre-booked guided tours at the Moderna Museet again. In parallel, we continue to offer bookable digital lectures.

Adult groups can book a digital presentation, in the form of a lecture, on the exhibition Giacometti and on our YouTube channel you can listen to interviews with artists, watch performances and artist talks, and lots more.

Do you have a company, school class, association, parent group or a group of friends who are interested in art? Book a guided tour with an inspiring and knowledgeable guide who will tell you about the artists and exhibitions.


Guided tours adults

In Swedish

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
1–15 people: 1750 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
1–15 people: 2250 SEK

  • Admission to exhibitions with admission fee will be added. Free admission to the Moderna Museet collection.
  • Additional fee of 500 SEK for guided tour in English, Spanish, French or Finnish.

Baby tour

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
Baby tour (1 hour): 1 250 SEK
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 500 SEK

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
Baby tour with workshop (2 hours): 2 890 SEK

Up to 10 adults and 10 babies/group.

Price Guided Tours Schools

Guided tour & workshop, all ages

Weekdays (at 9–11.30, 10.30–13, 13–15.30)
1 750 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
2 075 SEK
15 children/group
2,5 hours

Guided tour, all ages

Weekdays (at 10–16.30)
1 000 SEK
Evenings/weekends (at 16.30–18.30)
1 875 SEK
15 children/group
1 hour

Contact Booking

+46 8 5202 3501 (Tue–Fri 10–12)
Please contact the booking via e-mail:

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