Group 2

Photo: Linnea Svensson Arbab/Moderna Museet

Winter holiday workshop: The supernatural nature

Magical meetings with nature in our Workshop

18.2 – 23.2 2020


During the winter holiday, we let ourselves be charmed by the magical nature! In our Workshop we take inspiration from the exhibition “Sensing Nature from Within” and try to give our own magical nature experiences shape and color with paper, pastel chalk, drawing charcoal and materials from nature.

Has nature – animals and plants – ever surprised you? Have you ever been outdoors during a thunderstorm, walked in a milky white fog, held a butterfly in your hands or seen a rainbow appear in front of you and thought: wow, this feels almost unreal!

In the exhibition “Sensing Nature from Within”, the various artists explore how we humans live, or do not live, in harmony with other animals and plants. During the winter holiday workshop we listen, watch, feel and think together. In Verkstan we are enchanted by the magical nature! The supernatural nature. With materials such as paper, pastel chalk, charcoal and materials from nature, we work two-dimensionally as we try to give that almost magical moment shape and color.

The philosopher, ecologist, sorcerer and social anthropologist David Abrams (born 1957) talks about a “larger community” – a community that includes creatures in addition to humans, living creatures such as fish, insects but also flowers and even lakes and mountains. It is a world he calls “more-than-human.” What is magical is not necessarily “supernatural”. According to David Abrams, nature itself is magical and alive.