Joel Lyssarides Trio. Photo: Leo Ahmed

At Moderna Museet’s grand piano


11.10 – 6.12 2024


In the series “At Moderna Museet’s Grand Piano”, we will present Matti Bye, Joel Lyssarides Trio, Roland Pöntinen, Sofia Jernberg and Shida Shahabi. Each in their own unique way, at the Moderna Museet Steinway.

Moderna Museet has a long tradition of hosting interdisciplinary experiences of art and music. Back in 1960, John Cage performed “Solo for Piano” with Fontana Mix and Cartridge Music ─ a milestone in art music. In the 1960s and 1970s, concerts were held in collaboration with Fylkingen, and many people have fond memories of our summer concerts in the Moderna Museet garden in the 1980s.

In this year’s concert series, we will meet Matti Bye, Joel Lyssarides Trio, Roland Pöntinen, Sofia Jernberg & Alexander Hawkins and Shida Shahabi. The five concerts in different genres will feature classical, electronic and contemporary art music and jazz.

24 May: Matti Bye

Matti Bye (b. 1966) will perform in the Auditorium in a concert that combines film and music. His dreamy soundscapes unfold in the encounter between moving images, sound and music. He has played to silent movie classics for many years now, since the first time in 1989 at Cinemateket.

In addition to his own albums, Matti Bye composes music for films, theatre and TV, including for the Netflix blockbuster “Young Royals”. He has also composed soundtracks for works by visual artists, including Katarina Löfström’s “Open Source”.

The concert at Moderna Museet is based on his latest album, “Between Darkness and White Snow” (2023), and will be performed on the grand piano accompanied by various instruments, live electronics and tape loops. Norbert Lukacs is Audio assistant.

Place: Auditorium, floor 2

Matti Bye. Photo: My Matson/Moderna Museet

14 June: Joel Lyssarides Trio

Joel Lyssarides (b. 1992) is one of Sweden’s brilliant young jazz talents. In 2024, his tour calendar is full and will include concerts in Los Angeles, Berlin and Copenhagen; his latest album, “Stay Now”, has been streamed millions of times on Spotify.

Joel Lyssarides plays the piano, both solo and with the Joel Lyssarides Trio. As a composer, he works solo or with Niklas Fernqvist, and his style has been described as a room of its own between Western art music and European jazz. He himself names the Esbjörn Svensson Trio as a key inspiration.

At Moderna Museet Joel Lyssarides will perform together with Niklas Fernqvist on bass and Rasmus Blixt on drums.

Place: Seven Rooms and a Garden: Rashid Johnson and The Moderna Museet Collection, floor 4

Joel Lyssarides Trio: Niklas Fernqivst, Rasmus Blixt and Joel Lyssarides
Joel Lyssarides Trio: Niklas Fernqivst, Rasmus Blixt and Joel Lyssarides. Photo: Nicolas Stankovic

11 oktober: Roland Pöntinen

Roland Pöntinen (b. 1963) is a world-renowned classical pianist. He made his debut at 17 with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm and has performed with prestigious orchestras all over the world. Highlights include concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonics at the Hollywood Bowl, with the famous Philharmonia Orchestra, and at the London Proms in the Royal Albert Hall.

Roland Pöntinen has collaborated with conductors such as Esa-Pekka Salonen, Leif Segerstam and Jevgenij Svetlanov, to name but a few.

For the Moderna Museet concert series he has chosen piano compositions from the early 20th century, with music by Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg and Aleksandr Skrjabin among others, which he will perform solo in the exhibition “German Expressionism: Die Brücke”.

The combination of the exhibited art and music from the same period gives a multifaceted picture of the turbulent times in which the artists in Die Brücke were active.

Place: In the exhibition “German Expressionism: Die Brücke”, floor 4

Roland Pöntinen. Photo: Simon Larsson © Simon Larsson

1 november: Sofia Jernberg

Sofia Jernberg (b. 1983) is a jazz singer, voice artist and composer. As a vocalist, she is famed for her unique singing capacity and untraditional style. With her unusual range, she explores the voice as an instrument.

Sofia Jernberg is a multifaceted artist; she lets her crystal-clear voice lead the way through improvisations in jazz or art music. She is a singer in the Altersea Opera, the Nordic Pavilion’s total work of art for the 2024 Venice Biennale.

At Moderna Museet, she is accompanied by the pianist Alexander Hawkins.

Place: Auditorium, floor 2

Sofia Jernberg and Alexander Hawkins. Photo: Niclas Weber

6 december: Shida Shahabi

Shida Shahabi (b. 1989) is a pianist, sound artist and composer. Her music is a weft of meticulous melodic sensitivities. So far, she has released two albums: “Homes” (2018) and “Living Circle” 2023. She tours internationally, and will be appearing with P J Harvey in London in August 2024.

Shida Shahabi grew up in a home full of music and began composing as a child. She went on to study classical music but changed her focus in 2009, when she started at the Royal Institute of Art. Today, Shida Shahabi combines her two passions, art and sound. She plays the piano, solo and ensemble, creates sound installations and writes music for film, dance and theatre.

In her concert, Shida Shahabi will create an intimate encounter between music and the art at Moderna Museet.

Place: In the exhibition “Surrealism in the Moderna Museet Collection”

Shida Shahabi. Photo: Märta Thisner

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At Moderna Museet’s Grand Piano

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At Moderna Museet’s Grand Piano

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