Children sitting on chairs in the workshop creating sculptures in foil and clay.

Creative work in Verkstan Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

Create in Giacometti’s studio

Drop in workshop for children and adults

10.10 2020 – 17.1 2021


Try sketching a portrait or work with sculpture – maybe in aluminium foil or clay? In the Workshop, we have created a space with the same dimensions as Alberto Giacometti’s studio and every weekend you will have the chance to create there. We will work with techniques that Giacometti explored. Activities vary depending on day and time, doors are open to children and adults and no prior knowledge is necessary. No pre-booking is needed. Welcome!

Alberto Giacometti lived his entire life in his studio

Giacometti’s studio on 46 rue Hippolyte Maindron in Montparnasse is fabled. He moved there in 1925 and came to stay there until his death. For 40 years, the studio constituted a defined universe where the artist not only worked but also lived, though he could have with time and growing success lived much more comfortably.

In a space of only 23 square metres sculptures in various stages, sketches, personal objects, drawings and paintings mingled with food scraps and old cigarette butts. Visitors have spoken of how both the artists and the objects seemed as though they were wrapped in a grey film of dust. This was also where his models sat for him. He has portrayed the experience in the book “The Studio of Alberto Giacometti”, 1958.

Black and white photograph of Giacometti painting in his studio
Giacometti painting in his studio, 1959 © Ernst Scheidegger / Bildupphovsrätt 2020