Jenna Sutela, I Magma, 2019 © Jenna Sutela. Photo: Prallan Allsten / Moderna Museet

Mud Muses with Lars Bang Larsen and participating artists

Artist talk

11.10 2019


Welcome to an artist talk between Lars Bang Larsen, curator, and participating artists in the exhibition ”Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology”. The artist talk takes place on the evening the day before the opening of the exhibition.

Video documentation of the conversation.

Nikola Bojić, art historian, starts with a presentation of his research on the architect and city planner Branko Petrović (1922–1975) who, in 1970, conducted a study consisting of thirty-six diagrams of human, technological and ecological systems, as well as media. Bojić presents Petrović’s speculative cybernetics and its connection to the 1972 UN conference on the environment, held in Stockholm.

The presentation is followed by a talk between Lars Bang Larsen, curator, and the artists Ravi Govender (Cuss Group), Bjarke Hvass Kure, Primer, Jenna Sutela, Gedimas Urbonas and Anna Lundh.

Contact: Karin Malmquist, curator