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TCK Talks

Artist talks

7.5 – 4.6 2024


Moderna Museet and Common Values United present TCK Talks: a series of presentations by young and acclaimed artists, all of whom identify as Third Culture Kids. On Tuesday 7 May, the artists Mona Namér, Kayo Mpoyi and Liban Abshir Mohamed meet in a conversation on the theme “Expression”.

TCK Talks is a collaboration between Moderna Museet and Common Values United (CVU) and is based on both organisations’ efforts to challenge structures that perpetuate inequality in access to art and culture. We meet in a shared vision of creating space for participation and access to art and its institutions.

TCK Talks is built around four themes on which the invited artists reflect. The themes explores development, from personal exploration of intuition to resilience through the creative process.

The talks take place in the exhibition “Seven Rooms and a Garden: Rashid Johnson and the Moderna Museet Collection”.

In this creative and collaborative journey, together with Moderna Museet, we want to create a vision of a "radical welcoming" by establishing a space for dialogue and encounter. We want to embody 'participation and access' – a philosophy that we are weaving into all our initiatives and programmes. We will endeavour to create a place that amplifies the artistic voice of third culture kids. – Babak Azarmi, Culture Director at CVU

Participants 7 May 2024

Mona Namér

Mona Namér was born 1990 in Gothenburg and is now based is Stockholm. She is a dancer, choreographer and creative director. She trained at the Broadway Dance Center in New York and has worked in Paris, New York, London and Johannesburg. Namér is active in stage and film productions, various art projects and as an educator.

In her practice, she explores how movement can act as an alternative language for communication and reflect our contemporary times. The focus of her artistic work in recent years is themes such as surrealism, rituals, rebirth and identity.

Mona’s credits include choreographic collaborations with, among others, Little Dragon, Branko, IKEA, AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn, Röda Sten Konsthall and Göteborgs Konsthall.

Mona Namér
Mona Namér Photo: Kyle Hartman

Kayo Mpoyi

Kayo Mpoyi, an artist who merges the visual and literary arts, has written two novels that explore the rediscovery of distorted history and the healing of trauma through fiction. They combine literary work with visual design, inspired by the poet Dionne Brand, and creatively interprets fragments from archives, which they call inner archaeology. By weaving fiction around objects in national and personal archives, Kayo strives to rediscover the past.

Kayo has begun to explore plants, forests and toys with a fictional, true origin myth about the search for the root of self-love. The world needs new Lore, stories grounded in cosmologies other than those born of capitalism and colonialism. Kayo calls himself a storyteller. A position that can mean anything from being a teacher, ritual leader, writer and artist. In addition to solo and group exhibitions, Kayo has released three books: An exercise in revolution, Kitoko, Mai means water.

In addition to solo and group exhibitions, Kayo has released three books: the novels “Mai means water” (2029) “An exercise in revolution” (2022) and the children’s book “Kitoko” (2022).

Kayo Mpoyi
Kayo Mpoyi Photo: Kajsa Göransson

Liban Abshir Mohamed

Liban Abshir Mohamed, born in 1995, is an artist and filmmaker who often draws on deeply personal experiences in his practice and works introspectively around themes such as belonging, identity and memory.

With a background as a presenter and video creator, he is particularly interested in childhood expression, media and the power of a strong story. Liban explores his various themes through investigative processes that later take shape in installations or films.

He is currently studying in the second year of the bachelor’s program Fine Art at Konstfack.

Liban Abshir Mohamed
Liban Abshir Mohamed Photo: Isabelle Sahba

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