Artist and model

Lotte Laserstein, I and My Model, 1929/30 Photo: Lotte-Laserstein-Archiv Krausse, Berlin ©Lotte Laserstein Courtesy of Agnews, London Bildupphovsrätt 2023

The intimite distance

Special tour

9.4 2024


Join us for a special tour of the exhibition “Lotte Laserstein – A Divided Life” with Carina Rech, art historian and curator of 19th-century visual art at Nationalmuseum and Ylva Hillström, curator at Moderna Museet. Hear about the groundbreaking double portraits that Laserstein created of herself as an artist in dialogue with her favourite model.

Based on her essay “The Intimate Distance. A queer reading of Lotte Laserstein’s art”, which is included in the exhibition catalogue for “Lotte Laserstein – A Divided Life”, Carina Rech highlights Lotte Laserstein’s painting from a queer feminist perspective. The show focuses on the groundbreaking double portraits that Lotte Laserstein created of herself as an artist in dialogue with her favourite model Traute Rose.

Carina Rech is a PhD in art history and curator of 19th-century art at Nationalmuseum. She has studied art history in Heidelberg, Berlin, London and Stockholm. In 2021 she defended her thesis “Becoming Artists: Self-Portraits, Friendship Images and Studio Scenes by Nordic Women Painters in the 1880s”. Rech is the curator of the exhibition on the Norwegian artist Harriet Backer that will be shown at the Nationalmuseum in spring 2024.

artist painting nude model
Lotte Laserstein, In My Studio, 1928 Photo: Lotte-Laserstein-Archiv Krausse, Berlin © Lotte Laserstein Bildupphovsrätt 2023