Kateryna Lysovenko in front of her work "Something for everyone"

Kateryna Lysovenko, Something for everyone, 2022 © Kateryna Lysovenko

Studio visit with Kateryna Lysovenko

Live on Instagram

14.12 2022


The artist Kateryna Lysovenko was living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine, when the war started in February 2022. Join us for a live broadcast on Instagram from her studio in Vienna, Austria, where she is now based.

Kateryna Lysovenko’s (b. 1989) media are monumental painting, painting, drawing and text. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she left her home in Kyiv and now works in Vienna, Austria. Hear her talk about her artistic work and life as a Ukrainian artist in exile. Gain insight into an artistic practice that explores the relationship between ideology and painting.

Lysovenko studied at the Grekov Art School (Odessa), the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kyiv) and the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. In her practice, she often examines how images of victims are created in politics and art, from antiquity to today.

portrait Kateryna Lysovenko
Kateryna Lysovenko
Kateryna Lysovenko, Resurrection, 2022 © Kateryna Lysovenko
painting by Kateryna Lysovenko. Two people, one lying on the other's lap
Kateryna Lysovenko, Final summer, 2022 © Kateryna Lysovenko
painting by Kateryna Lysovenko
Kateryna Lysovenko, Kindergarten, 2022 © Kateryna Lysovenko


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