2.3 2022

Stand with Ukraine

The Council of the Swedish National Museums condemns the invasion of Ukraine and strongly urges Russia to respect the 1954 Hague Convention.

The Council of the Swedish National Museums strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We regret the loss of human life, and we fear irreparable damages to the cultural heritage.

We have received alarming reports from colleagues in Ukraine, struggling to protect and preserve objects and collections. As fellow colleagues we pay our respect to the work of museum professionals safeguarding the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Russia has ratified UNESCO:s 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, the 1954 Hague Convention. By doing so Russia has committed to protecting Cultural Heritage. We urge the Russian leadership to respect the Convention and to fulfil its promise to spare museums and collections from attacks and destruction.

“Museum collections have become a target in conflicts around the world. Not only have collections been looted and sold for monetary gain, they have also been stolen or destroyed to deprive nations and peoples of their past. This is a crime against international law,” says Ann Follin, chairperson of the Council of Swedish National Museums.

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Published 2 March 2022 · Updated 24 March 2023