In conjunction with the exhibition an extensively illustrated catalogue will be published in Swedish, English and German, by Hatje Cantz Verlag. Foreword by Lars Nittve and Poul Erik Tojner.

With contributions by: Ludger Derenthal, Julia Drost, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Iris Müller-Westermann, Jürgen Pech, Werner Spies and Tanja Wessolowski.

Editorial board: Werner Spies, Iris Müller-Westermann, Kirsten Degel
Managing editor: Teresa Hahr
Picture manager: Albin Dahlström
Graphic design: chezweitz & roseapple/Rose Epple with Andreas Wesle, Wolfgang Schneider

Moderna Museet exhibition catalogue No 347

The Authors

Ludger Derenthal has headed the Collection of Photography—Museum of Photography at the Art Library, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, since 2003. His publications deal with Dada and Surrealism, particularly with the oeuvre of Max Ernst, twentieth-century photography, as well as sculpture in public places.

Julia Drost studied art history and Romance studies. Since the fall of 2007 she has been the assistant director of the Deutschen Forums für Kunstgeschichte in Paris, where she heads the Max Ernst Research Site together with Werner Spies. Her publications deal with the New Woman in France of the1920s, artistic relations between Germany and France, as well as Surrealist art, particularly the work of Max Ernst. Together with Ursula Moureau and Nicolas Devigne she wrote the recently published book Max Ernst: L’imagier des poètes (2008).

Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer is active as a docent, curator, art critic, and art historian. He recently published: Dieter Roth—Selbstbeobachtung als künstlerischer Schaffensprozess (2007).

Iris Müller-Westermann is an art historian whose doctoral thesis is on Edvard Munch. After working for years as a curator at the Munch-museet and head of the Stenersen Museum in Oslo, she became curator of international art at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in 1998. Her publications focus on twentieth-century art and include studies on Munch as well as art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in conjunction with exhibitions she has organized, among them After the Wall: Art and Culture in Post-Communist Europe (1999), In the Power of Painting (2000) and Rosemarie Trockel (2001). She recently published Edvard Munch: Die Selbstbildnisse (2005).

Jürgen Pech is art historian and scholarly director of the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl. Aside from Max Ernst, his research focuses on Dada and Surrealism as well photography and twentieth-century art. Recent publications include Max Ernst: Fotografische Porträts und Dokumente (1991), Max Ernst (1992, with Ludger Derenthal), Max Ernst: Graphische Welten (2003) and Max Ernst: Plastische Werke (2005).

Werner Spies is an art historian and publicist. He was professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy from 1975 to 2000 and director of the Centre Georges Pompidou—Musée national d’art moderne in Paris from 1997 to 2000. Aside from numerous publications and international exhibitions, he edited the catalogues raisonnés of Max Ernst’s oeuvre and Pablo Picasso’s sculptures. He has received diverse honors and held many offices; among others, he is chairman of the board of trustees of the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl and head of the Max Ernst Research Site at the Deutschen Forums für Kunstgeschichte in Paris.

Tanja Wessolowski has been on the staff of the Max Ernst Research Site at the Deutschen Forums für Kunstgeschichte in Paris since January 2007. She is currently working on her doctorate on the significance of nature in the work of Max Ernst and the Surrealists.

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