Lynda Benglis målar ett golv med 152 liter latexfärg, 1969 © Henry Groskinsky/Time & Life Pictures
/Getty Images/ALL OVER PRESS.
Bilden är från utställningen Explosion!


Painting as Action

2.6 2012 – 9.9 2012


Explosion explores the rich and complex cross fertilisations and borderlands of painting, performance and conceptual art. It traces this expanded idea of painting as action from late 1940’s until today. The exhibition will include works in different mediums by some 45 artists from many parts of the world such as the important Japanese Gutai group, among others Shozo Shimamoto, Sadamasa Motonaga, Saburo Murakami and Kazuo Shiraga, along with artists as Allan Kaprow, Jackson Pollock, Niki de Saint Phalle, Yves Klein, Ana Mendieta, Alison Knowles, Rivane Neuenschwander, Yoko Ono and Lawrence Weiner.

After the second world war, a number of painters in different parts of the world began to attack painting’s fundamental assumptions in ways that were at once both aggressive and playful. Many artists attached as much importance to the creative act itself as they did to the painting that resulted from it. On this borderland between painting and performance, chance or the spectator were often recruited as co-creators of the work. This experimental, conceptual attitude to painting and art subsequently inspired a lot of other artists. In recent years, interest in performance art has increased, and with it interest in its roots.

Curator: Magnus af Petersens
Assistant curator: Matilda Olof-Ors


Allan Kaprow
Yard (version N 9), 2003-
© The Estate of Allan Kaprow. Foto: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet
I think not, koreografi av Deborah Hay tolkat av Anna Pehrsson, dansare
© Moderna Museet, 2 juni 2012
Anastasia Ax
Performance PAN THEON i Bucky Dome, 2012
© Anastasia Ax. Foto: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet
Niki de Saint Phalle, Robert Rauschenberg
Painting made by Dancing, 1961
© Niki de Saint Phalle, Robert Rauschenberg/BUS 2012

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