Kent Klich, Killing Time, 2011 Filmstill

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Killing Time by Kent Klich


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“Killing Time” (2011) by Kent Klich is currently showing in the Mini cinema on floor 2. In the documentary film, Kent Klich has worked with material related to the 2008-2009 war in Gaza – personal cell phone footage collected from relatives of people who did not survive.

For thirty years, Kent Klich (born 1952) has worked within a documentary tradition and is known for his photo books on Beth, the children of Nicolae Ceauseşcu’s Romania and El Niño. In 2001 he began travelling to Gaza, the conflict-ridden Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

Through his work, Klich aims to raise awareness of the living conditions in the geopolitical area and the human rights violations taking place there. The project has also led to reflections on the difficulty of depicting human suffering and his own role as a photographer.

“Killing Time” (2011) adds perspective to the current humanitarian disaster in Gaza, where Israeli military action in response to the Islamist Hamas offensive in October 2023 has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians. With the fifth war in Gaza in 15 years, hopes for peace in the region are once again shattered.

Kent Klich, Killing Time, 2011 Filmstill
Kent Klich, Killing Time, 2011 Filmstill