Portrait photo of Gitte Ørskou and Kristin Lundell

Gitte Ørskou, museum director and Kristin Lundell, press officer

12.12 2019

A new Museum Director in town

What is actually most important: to create an exhibition that ten people absolutely love or one that a hundred thousand fin just alright? In the Moderna Museet podcast, our new Museum Director Gitte Ørskou talks about her views on art and how a modern museum should look. Listen to the tenth episode.

In the fall of 2019, Gitte Ørskou became the museum’s eleventh director and with many years of experience from the Danish art and museum world it was now time for her to take on the Swedish counterpart. In the Moderna Museet podcast, she talks about her views on art and what a modern museum should look like. How bold should one be when rehanging the collection and how important are attendance numbers? And has she ever tried using the nickname danish newspapers gave her to win a discussion?

Moderna Museet will publish ten episodes of the podcast in 2019. Opening music: “Walk on By” by Perro Del Mar. The podcast is in Swedish.

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Published 12 December 2019 · Updated 13 February 2020