Kristin Lundell, press officer and Anna Tellgren, curator photography

11.2 2020

Lens-based art

The Moderna Museet collection has more than 100,000 photographs dating from the 1840s to today, and Anna Tellgren is the one who knows the most about them. She has been Moderna Museet’s curator of photography since 2004. But what is it like to keep track of that many items when you’re curating exhibitions and presentation? How do you even start to choose among 100,000 different photographs?

Plus: why does an art museum exhibit documentary photographs by famous war photographers, and does a curator of photography think about things like composition and the golden ratio when she’s taking holiday snapshots?

The Moderna Museet podcast started in 2019. Opening music: “Walk on By” by Perro Del Mar. The podcast is in Swedish.

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Published 11 February 2020 · Updated 1 March 2024