Portrait photo of Gitte Ørskou, director of Moderna Museet.

Director of Moderna Museet, Gitte Ørskou, 2020. Photo: Morten Fauerby/Montgomery.dk

10.6 2020

Director Gitte Ørskou welcomes you back to the Museum in a new era

On Tuesday, 16 June, Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Malmö are reopening after being closed for three months. This is a new era that awaits the Museum. A world where old habits and behaviours have had to change, and where demands on structural changes are resound in unison across national borders, writes museum director Gitte Ørskou in a letter to welcome all visitors back to Moderna Museet.

We are living in times that are vibrating with change. These changes in mood and structure are almost physically tangible. The corona crisis has put lives and economies at stake, but it has also prompted us to reflect on our way of life. Thoughts about pace, consumption, presence and values are circulating in a society that seems on the brink of reinventing itself.

The recent protests against the murder of George Floyd in the USA is the latest event to cause people to unite across national borders. Racism exists, and coming to terms with it requires vigorous action. Supporting and sympathising with the cause is not enough; both individuals and society as a whole need to take a stand on what we can do to end racism. As a museum, it is our duty to always look at how we present and rewrite history. And as a museum of contemporary art, we must do everything in our power to scrutinise contemporary art with an exacting eye. Art is created in a concrete world, where racism and oppression exist, and therefore, we must never consider it to be separate from its time or context. Moderna Museet will, and shall, continue to exhibit and include the art that advocates change.

As a museum, we are not separate from the world. Art history has to be constantly reviewed and rewritten. But as an organisation, we also have to actively scrutinise ourselves and our activities. We, too, can become better at taking our responsibility seriously.

The world needs art more than ever. The world also needs museums that show how art portrays our history and expands and revises our outlook on what we take for granted. Therefore, we look forward with great pleasure to opening the doors to our museums on 16 June.

At Moderna Museet we have, of course, done everything in our power to make your visit as safe as possible. We therefore advise our visitors to follow the instructions, and to help each other stay safe.

I wish you all welcome back to Moderna Museet!

Gitte Ørskou, director

Exhibitions at Moderna Museet in Stockholm

Walid Raad: Let’s be honest, the weather helped. The exhibition is extended to 16 August. No further performances by the artist, however.

John Baldessari. The exhibition opens for the public for the first time on 16 June and is extended to 25 October.

Published 10 June 2020 · Updated 10 June 2020