Moving Giacometti (filmstill), 2021 Photo: Oskar Hökerberg

29.11 2021

“Moving Giacometti” on SVT Play

Watch the dance movie “Moving Giacometti” on SVT Play! The film was made at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in spring 2021 during the exhibition “Giacometti – Face to Face”.

The dance movie “Moving Giacometti” by Marie Proffit is set in the major retrospective exhibition of Alberto Giacometti at Moderna Museet, “Giacometti – Face to Face”. See Nathanaël Plantier and the vogue dancer Silva Poutanen in an encounter between bodies, Giacometti’s thought-provoking sculptures and a variety of dance styles.

If you were among those who missed “Giacometti – Face to Face” due to the Covid restrictions, this is your chance to experience both the exhibition and a unique dance performance.

“Moving Giacometti” is available on SVT Play until 25 May, 2022.

Published 29 November 2021 · Updated 1 December 2021