15.12 2021

Karolina Ramqvist writes short story for Moderna Museet

When the museum was closed due to the pandemic, we let the author Karolina Ramqvist explore our collection to find works that could be a source of inspiration to a literary text. In the end, she chose two paintings by Vera Nilsson: “Stories” and “Lamplight”. Now comes the short story “Stories, Lamplight”.

In this past year, the author Karolina Ramqvist has wandered through our collection in search of works to take inspiration from.

The result is the short story “Stories, Lamplight”, where two oil paintings by the Swedish Expressionist Vera Nilsson (1888-1979) have been the inspiration. The painting “Stories” (1933) is on display until January 30 and is included in the exhibition that features from our collection, “The man with the Blue Face” at Moderna Museet Malmö, and “Lamplight” is on display in the collection in Stockholm.

– There is a suggestive force in Vera Nilssons paintings and in the way she paints children, that I can’t resist, says Karolina Ramqvist. I wanted to enter into her world and spend this time writing, in her motif which so clearly broke with older ideals of how children were to be portrayed but that also raises questions about our view of children today. There is such a vivid realism in her images, and a brutality that makes one recognize oneself in them.

“Stories, Lamplight” is an independent continuation of the project “Moderna Museet &” which was initiated in May 2020 where arts and culture practitioners are invited to find inspiration in the collections of Moderna Museet and then create something within their respective expression.

The short story is published by Moderna Museet and for sale in our shop. You can also read it here. 

Published 15 December 2021 · Updated 28 February 2022