Edvard Munch, Self-portrait in Hell, 1903 © Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BUS 2005

Munch by Himself

19.2 2005 – 15.5 2005


A unique exhibition featuring the Norwegian artist’s self-portraits. Never before have so many of Munch’s self-portraits been brought together in one show.

The self-portraits run like a red thread through Edvard Munch’s (1863-1944) oeuvre. Hardly any other artist has portrayed himself so ruthlessly and exposed himself as Munch does in his self-portraits that centre on issues of identity, exploring his role as artist and human being in society and focusing on his relationship to life, love and death.

Curator: Iris Müller-Westermann


A richly illustrated catalogue written by the exhibition curator, Iris Müller-Westerman, will be available for the exhibition. 280 pages and some 160 colour images.


Self-portrait with Cigarette, 1895
Edvard Munch, Self-portrait with Cigarette, 1895 © Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BUS 2005. Tillhör Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst/Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo
Självporträtt i Bergen, 1916
Edvard Munch, Självporträtt i Bergen, 1916 © Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BUS 2005. Tillhör Munch-museet, Oslo.
 Självporträtt mellan klockan och sängen, 1940-42
Edvard Munch, Självporträtt mellan klockan och sängen, 1940-42 © Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BUS 2005
Självporträtt. Nattvandraren, 1923-24
Edvard Munch, Självporträtt. Nattvandraren, 1923-24 © Munch-museet/Munch-Ellingsen Gruppen/BUS 2005

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