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28.7 2014

August 9: Rainbow festival

Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Between being born and dying), 2008 © Barbara Kruger/BUS 2014


On August 4–10, RFSL Malmö will organise The Rainbowfestival – Malmö Pride in Folkets park. Moderna Museet Malmö will be there during Saturday afternoon with a workshop on the theme The meaning of meanings – art workshop about identity.   

How free are we to form our own identity? How much do images control the choices we make, who we present ourselves as and how we look at ourselves and others? Barbara Kruger is an American artist and several of her artworks are made up of black and white photographies on which she has printed text, altering the original meaning of the image. With her art, Kruger wants to question how the images we are surrounded by daily create norms on identity, sexuality and gender.

Published 28 July 2014 · Updated 28 July 2014