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5.1 2015

16 january: ACT III. Essi Kausalainen, Imri Sandström & Henning Lundkvist

In the third part of specially curated evenings with performance and artist presentations that emanates from The Moderna Exhibition 2014 – Society Acts, we will meet Essi Kausalainen, Imri Sandström and Henning Lundkvist.


Welcome to the third and final Act, The Modernautställningen Society Acts programme of performance and artistpresentations.

Essi Kausalainen, Orchard, 2013 © Essi Kausalainen

Kausalainen is interested in how the interaction between the bodies creates social assemblages, and the movements in her performances and videos transform into ceremonial gestures—minimalistic choreographies of repetition. By letting repetition as well as variation and surprise make up her work, Kausalainen points out the complexity and possibility of dialogue and interaction between different species and matter. Her work is represented by three videos in the exhibition and in Act III she will be presenting a new performance.

Imri Sandström, Flapping, Flapping, Flapping, Flapping, 2014 © Courtesy of the artist

In the work of Imri Sandström, words are at the core. This does not mean a reduced understanding of words as black signs on paper. She composes a choreography of text, sound, space, and image that weaves an intricate pattern between history and literature, reading and writing, thinking and performing. Howe Across Reading – Performing the Past is an ongoing body of work that will gradually grow and unfold into three distinct platforms – a website, a number of performances, and a publication – linking the untamed wilderness found in the history and language of Sandström’s Västerbotten to Susan Howe’s profound analysis of her New England.

In Act III Sandström will present the second part or version of her performance.

SPQR(M)(Roam Sweet Rome), 2013. © Henning Lundkvist

Henning Lundkvist

The deconstruction of language and sound, the investigation of exhibition staging, and institutional critique are frequent topics in the practice of Henning Lundkvist. The artist reveals the mechanisms behind an institution, and the applied meanings of language and signs, whereof the latter often results in symbols existing somewhere between written language and image.

Henning Lundkvist participates in Modernauställningen with the works SPQR(M) and Divide & Rule (& Variations) (2013) and in Act III with the  lectureperformance Artist Talk 16.01.15.

Moderna Museet Malmö 16 january 5-8 PM. ACT III is included in the entrance fee.

Published 5 January 2015 · Updated 20 November 2015