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Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro (detail), ca 1930–1931 © Archives of Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź

25.7 2018

Lecture: On visionary art and urban planning

Moderna Museet Malmö presents a lecture on avant-garde art and urban planning in the afternoon 30 August. In context of the the ongoing exhibition Kobro & Strzemiński: New Art in Turbulent Times, Jaroslaw Suchan, part of the curatorial team, will talk about the couple’s view on art as a tool for a new society. After this Victoria Percovich Gutierrez from White arkitekter will focus on urban development and democracy.

According Kobro och Strzemiński, art was supposed to provide prototypes for solutions serving to organize life of the individuals and the society as a whole. Architecture, urban planning and social design, developed on the basis of the principles elaborated in painting and sculpture, were to order all human activities, thereby giving them the right social direction.

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Published 25 July 2018 · Updated 25 July 2018