Baby sitting with book in lap

Photo: Frida Lindblad/Moderna Museet

11.3 2020

“Bookstart” – a project for our youngest

Art can be a way of stimulating the language development of young children. As one of four Skåne museums, Moderna Museet Malmö participates in the project “Bookstart”, initiated by Region Skåne. During this year we will offer meetings and events that give a good start into the world of language and art for our very youngest visitors.

The “Bookstart” is a broad national initiative aimed at parents and adults in the vicinity of small children, to stimulate language development early. Children are already developing their language as infants. During the first three years, large parts of the linguistic ability are founded. Research shows that it is crucial that all children get a good linguistic basis, with the opportunity to develop a rich language and eventually good reading ability.
There are many ways to stimulate small children’s language development in everyday life, for example through art. Moderna Museet Malmö is one of four Skåne museums that will participate in “Bookstart” in 2020. Within the framework of the project, we explore how we could work in a language-promoting way with the target group of children 0–3 years and adults in their vicinity. This will result in various programmes aimed at introducing young children to the world of art and language.

Published 11 March 2020 · Updated 1 June 2020