Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Photo: Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet

9.9 2020

25 million SEK to buy art

Moderna Museet has been allocated a further SEK 25 million for purchasing art for the collection. The news was announced on 9 September by Deputy Minister for Finance Per Bolund and Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, at a press conference on the government’s budget for the arts. Director of Moderna Museet Gitte Ørskou is delighted.

“It is with gratitude that I received this information. This funding will make a great difference to the current situation with regard to Moderna Museet’s assignment to collect and share contemporary and modern art,” says Gitte Ørskou. “All of us at Moderna Museet are deeply committed to promoting and stimulating the development of art, and this money now enables us to make several new acquisitions. The Moderna Museet collection belongs to the Swedish people, and therefore it is especially gratifying that we can now buy several works – for all our citizens – at a time when art is needed more than ever.”

Published 9 September 2020 · Updated 29 October 2020