Women, Life, Freedom

21.11 2022

Women Life Freedom

The Iranian authorities have responded violently and brutally to the protests sweeping across the country in the wake of 22-year-old Mahsa Jîna Amini’s death for not wearing her hijab “the correct way”. Hundreds of people have been killed and many more injured or detained.

Highlighting issues of democracy and human rights is an important part of Moderna Museet’s activities. Therefore, we support the people of Iran who are fighting against the regime’s oppression and strongly condemn the actions and abuses of the Iranian authorities.

On Wednesday, November 23 we broadcasted live on Instagram from Azadeh Fatehrad’s studio in London. Fatehrad is an artist and curator who has studied Iran’s feminist history. In 2019, she published the book “The Politics and Poetics of the Veil in Iran”.

Watch and listen as she talks about how the veil (hijab) has followed the political changes in Iran. Once banned, the veil became a mandatory part of women’s attire after the revolution in 1979.

Read more about the studio visit: Studio visit with Azadeh Fatehrad

Published 21 November 2022 · Updated 24 November 2022