Three people standing and looking at the painting "Self-Portrait" by Harald Giersing. Behind them is Edward Munch's "Girl sitting on bed"

Harald Giersing, Self-portrait (1926) and Edward Munch, "Girl sitting on bed" (1916) Photo: Miriam Preis/Moderna Museet

15.2 2023

Apply to Futures: Light, Heart, Hope

Are you young and creative? Do you express yourself through painting, dance, writing, or maybe you like making music? Apply now to our project “Framtider: Ljus, hjärta, hopp” (Futures: Light, Heart, Hope)!

“Framtider: Ljus, hjärta, hopp” is for everyone between 16 and 23 who is interested in art, creativity and the future. The theme is Visions for a Sustainable World and in the course of the project, you will meet representatives from organisations such as Planethon and Heart17. You will also have opportunities to meet a mentor and get encouragement and inspiration for your creative process.

From 21 April, in connection with the UN World Creativity Day, we will present the results at Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Three people photographed through a glass case
Moderna Museet’s Youth Council, 2022 Photo: Åsa Lunden/Moderna Museet

Published 15 February 2023 · Updated 15 February 2023