A person walking outside the museum with a mirror under her arm

Lend us your mirror , 2022 Photo: Åsa Lundén / Moderna Museet

6.4 2022

Moderna Museet needs your mirror!

Lend us your mirror to this summer’s exhibition “Jeppe Hein: Who are you really?”. As a thank you, you will get an artwork by Jeppe Hein to keep. For four days in April, we accept mirrors of all kinds – and of course you will get it back in September after the closing of the exhibition.

Let us borrow your mirror over the summer for the artist Jeppe Hein’s work “Mirror Room”. From April 20th, we gratefully accept the mirror in our mirror submission at the museum in Stockholm.

In an appeal to all museum visitors Jeppe Hein writes:

When you look at yourself in the mirror and into your eyes, what do you see?

Mirrors alter and question our perception of our surroundings and ourselves by increasing and multiplying the heterogeneity of a space. Mirrors make us reflect on our own presence by addressing our physical and mental experience of an environment and our position within it. You become aware of the limitations as well as the possibilities inherent in the act of looking.

My mirror installations always refer to the presence of the viewers asking them: Who are you? Why are you here? What do you see?

For my solo show at Moderna Museet, I would like to invite you to lend your own mirror, a mirror from your home, to the museum.

It will be included in a site-specific mirror room located in the collection and shall encourage visitors to reflect on themselves and their respective situation.

What will it be like to see yourself and others reflected in your mirror in this different place?

Go figure it out!

Bring your mirror from APRIL 20 to APRIL 24, 2022 to the FOYER at MODERNA MUSEET! And you will receive a unique watercolour from me, which you can hang up instead of your mirror…

See you, Jeppe Hein

A person takes down a mirror from the wall
Lend us your mirror , 2022 Photo: Åsa Lundén / Moderna Museet

Jeppe Hein’s (born 1974) art has always focused on audience interaction, and his works have grown increasingly performative in recent years.

In his major project “Who are you really”, the audience will encounter a monumental fountain on the Drill Ground and be invited to take part in interactive stations inside the Museum, workshops in the presentation of the collection, and discussions focusing on that fundamental question: Who are you really?

Read more: Jeppe Hein: Who Are You Really?

Work by Jeppe Hein
Jeppe Hein, Endless Connection, Aarhus, Denmark, 2017 Courtesy KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin / London, 303 GALLERY, New York, and Galleri
Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen

Published 6 April 2022 · Updated 29 April 2022