George Herms

George Herms

(B 1935, Woodland, CA.)


George Herms once called his assemblages

”furniture for the soul,” aligning his

work with a sense of the spiritual which

permeated the ”Beat” era, and originated in

the traditions of Dada and Surrealism. His

commitment to the vital status of the found

object in and of itself as it is recontextualized

as art emerged immediately in his fi rst

exhibition (installed in the remnants of some

demolished homes in Hermosa Beach), and

continues to the present day.



1953 University of California at Berkeley.


First solo show:

1960 Semina Gallery, Larkspur, CA.


First group show:

1960 Batman Gallery, San Francisco, CA.


Recent exhibitions:

1996 Katharine Clarke Gallery, L.A.; 2005 Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA.; 2008 The Mayor

Gallery, London.

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