Pierre Koenig

Pierre Koenig

(B. 1925, San Fransisco, D. 2004, Los Angeles)

Pierre Koenig was already drawing his first characteristically exposed buildings in glass and steel during the fi nal years of his training as an architect, and soon garnered considerable attention. John Entenza, the editor of Arts & Architecture Magazine, invited him to work on the magazine’s Case Study House Program – a series of visionary projects aimed at developing modern planning methods and cost-effective building techniques for private dwellings. His prize-winning Bailey House, or CSH #21, was the culmination of the project’s ideas regarding simplicity and function. Koenig subsequently created what would become the best-known and most widely depicted building, CSH #22.

1946–48 Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA.; 1948–52 University of Southern California, L.A., CA.

First building:
1950 Koenig House #1, Glendale, CA.

Recent buildings:
1985 Koenig House #2, L.A.; 1996 Schwartz House, Santa Monica, CA.; 2003 Tarassoly & Mehran House, Malibu CA.

Julius Shulman

Case Study House #22, Stahl House, 1960, Los Angeles, Pierre Koenig, 1959

© J. Paul Getty Trust. Used with permission. Julius Shulman Photography Archive, Research Library at the Getty Research Institute

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