Doug Wheeler

Doug Wheeler

(B. 1943, Los Angeles, CA.)

Doug Wheeler’s light paintings from the late 1960’s are made in such a manner that the white UV light that emanates from their framing edges blurs any distinction between the work itself, its support and its context. By the mid 1970s he was creating full-fl edged environments in which various gaseous lights (halogen, neon, and fl uorescent) created a light fi lled situation which illusionistically removed all possibilities for perceiving any context whatsoever.

Chouinard Art Institute, L.A.

First solo show:
1968 Pasadena Art Museum, CA

First group show:
1969 Fort Worth Art Center, TX.

Recent exhibitions:
2005 ZKM Museum für Neue Kunst & Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe; 2007 Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla, CA.; 2008 David Zwirner, New York.Doug Wheeler

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