Joe Goode

Joe Goode

(B. 1937, Oklahoma City, OK.)

Joe Goode’s Milk Bottle paintings from the 1960s seem to isolate two incompatible forms in American culture from that time: the ubiquity of the quart of milk delivered to the front door each morning, and the traditions and conventions of abstract painting, specifi cally the monochrome canvas. In the space created between what was common and an uncommon experience, Goode’s paintings (and other works) nevertheless at the time shared a relationship with the domestic space of the house. Since the 1970s, Goode has moved his work more emphatically into abstraction.

1959–61 Chouinard Art Institute, L.A.

First solo show:
1962 Dilexi Gallery, L.A.

First group show:
1960 Oklahoma City Art Center, OK.

Recent exhibitions:
1997 Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA.; 2004 Manny Silverman Gallery, L.A., CA.; 2008 Seiler + Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Zürich.Joe Goode

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