Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin

(B. 1928, Long Beach, CA.)

Robert Irwin started as an abstract painter and quickly moved into perceptual visual territory that would come to be defi ned as ”Light and Space.” In the late 1960s, his work consisted primarily of white convex discs that were mounted on cylinders attached to the wall and lit from four corner lamps which effectively dematerialized their objectness in favor of a disembodied experience of light. By the 1970s, Irwin was fully creating a ”conditional” art in architectural and outdoor situations, a practice that continues to the present day in his large-scale garden projects.

1948–50 Otis Art Institute, L.A.; 1951 Jepson Art Institute, L.A.; 1952–54 Chouinard Art Institute, L.A.

First solo show:
1957 Felix Landau Gallery, L.A.

First group show:
1952 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA.

Recent exhibitions:
1993–95 The Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A; 2007 PaceWildenstein, New York; 2008 Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla, CA .

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