Larry Bell

Larry Bell

(B. 1939, Chicago, IL.)

Larry Bell was initially in the 1960s more interested in the processes involved in the coating of his ”empty” glass cubes (involving complicated procedures using vacuum chambers to vaporize metallic substances and deposit them on the surface of the glass), than in their abilities to incorporate light into the visual and expressive range of their physical properties. Extending the implications of Minimalism into considerations of the sensuous ways in which an object can look, Bell acknowledges light as the essential component of perception. Ultimately the object itself dematerializes, and the viewer is left with the light refl ected off of it, and by extension, the nature of illusion itself.

1957–59 Chouinard Art Institute, L.A.

First solo show:
1962 Ferus Gallery, L.A.

First group show:
1961 Huysman Gallery, L.A.

Recent exhibitions:
2005 PaceWildenstein, New York; 2007 Danese Gallery, New York; 2008 Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. Larry Bell

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